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width=The local election in 2018 should take place in 17 provinces for a gubernatorial election and in 380 districts/cities for heads of district election Simultaneously. North Lombok of West Nusa Tenggara is one of them to elect the governor. General election commission of North Lombok has a lot of programs, like political parties enrollment, ad hoc acceptance, and ”Gerakan Sadar Pilkada” in this month. Two of them are still in progress.

Gerakan Sadar Pemilu_One of methods not only to increase elector participation but to inform the election day to citizens also_will be nationally hald on October. The event is going to be followed by more then 500 persons by healty walking, including political parties member, NGO, Goverment institution, and mass media,. it is going to be located in Tanjung on Sunday, 29, 2017. Prepering such as door prize, invitation and uniform has been doing in the office.

Why is it located in Tanjung?, there are many reasons; firstly, Tanjung which is capital of North Lombok has a representative place; secondly, some of parties and govermensts’ office are around the event as of making a easy commonication; thirdly, close to seven segments which are begginer voters, community voters, junior voters, female voters, disabilities voters, marginal voters, and religious voters.

Hopefully, the event can produce the voters’ attendance more then 81,13 % in a gubernatorial election, legislative election and president election, and Citizens who have a suffrage are aware of their rights.